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We are Really High Voltage Experts.



3RLab,Inc. has been developing and improving of only one way of


Non-Inductive Ultra High Voltage High Energy Precision Resistors, 


with Thick Film , Thicker Film, Composite technologies, 


High Voltage Diodes Assembly, High Voltage Modulators and 


Power Supply,High Voltage Probe dc to 75MHz. 




We are original direct Manufacture in Korea



  -Thank You Very Much-



Detailed Company Information

  • Company Name3RLab,Inc.,
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2000
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsBrazil,China,Germany,South Korea,U.S.A
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentMr.Don W. Lee
  • Phone+82-31-429-6379
  • FAX+82-31-429-9127
  • Address# 303 Hyundai I-Valley ,Gongdanro 149, Dangdong, Kunpo City, Kyunggido 435-010 , Korea
  • Product Category Electronic Components & Supplies > EL Products

Additional Introduction

Main products   



Thickfilm High Voltage Non-Inductive Resistors


CarbonComposite Ultra High Voltage Resistors


HighVoltage Prove (D.C.,A.C.,Pulse)


HighVoltage Diode Ass’y 




# 303  Hyundai  I-Valley ,Gongdanro 149, Dangdong,    

Kunpo City, Kyunggido 435-010 ,Korea 


Voice : +82-31-429-6379 

Fax :  +82-31-429-912,,

Our History

  • MAR, 2014Developing and Manufacturing for High Voltage Diode Ass’y ; HVDA series
  • MAY, 2013Research and Development for Ultra Low TC Resistor
  • FEB, 2013Join in DIRAMS ( Dongnam Institution of Radiological & Medical Sciences ) project and supply High Voltage Precision Divider & Probe
  • SEP, 2012Acquire ISO9001 , ISO14001
  • JUN, 2011Make partnership to supply to KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science)
  • APR, 2011Supply High Voltage, High Energy Dividers to RUSSIA “ICR”
  • AUG, 2010Supply High Voltage, High Energy Dividers to German National Run Research
  • MAR, 2010Supply High Voltage, Ultra High Energy Resistors Bank to KERI (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
  • OCT, 2009Join in Smart Grid Eco Electric Power Distributing Part ( High Voltage Dividers)
  • SEP, 2008Long-term Supply High Voltage, High Energy Resistor to LG Display
  • FEB, 2008Research and Development for High Voltage Probe ; SVD series
  • JUL, 2007Join in PAL ( Pohang Accelerator Laboratory ) project and supply UT-series and ET-series Carbon composite High Voltage Resistors
  • DEC, 2005Join in ADD(Agency for Defense Development) project (UT,HTE-series
  • JUN, 2005Join in NFRI “KSTAR” project with High Voltage Non-Indu ctive Energy Resistors
  • AUG, 2004Join in Smart-Grid  HV Electric power transfer sys. (High Voltage Dividers
  • MAR, 2004Manufacturing of Launching for TO type packaged resistors
  • FEB, 2002Join in Brazil Electric Power Industry for “Simens”,”GE”
  • JUL, 1999Developing and Manufacturing for UT-series, HTE-series , HS-series
  • JUN, 1999Established

Factory Information

  • 3RLab,Inc.# 302,#303#304,#305 Hyundai I-Valley ,Gongdanro 149, Dangdong, Kunpo City, Kyunggido 435-010 , Korea